Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pattern Review: Hobby the House Elf by Britni Husband

It's no secret that I am a huge Potterhead. I love Harry Potter so so much. It was my childhood! I even have a Harry Potter tattoo. So of course, I make many Harry Potter themed projects. For months I have been dying to crochet myself Dobby, yet I have been too cheap to buy a pattern. 

Well folks, I bit the bullet and finally purchased this Dobby crochet pattern on Etsy! Hobby the House Elf by Britni Husband is the absolute best Dobby pattern I have ever seen. Even better, the proceeds from this $6.50 pattern goes towards her daughter who has medical issues. As a CCT at a children's hospital, it is something that is dear to my heart. So you can make yourself a wonderful Dobby and feel great about helping a sick child as well!! Win win!! 

Without further ado, here is my Dobby:

So cuuuuute!!

This pattern was easy to understand and she included so many helpful tips and photos. I would recommend it to people who have at least some experience with crochet, but a beginner with enough patience can make this little guy without a problem!

This little guy took me a couple of days of on and off work, the arms and legs took the most time I thought. The total cost for Dobby was: 1/2 skein of yarn, couple yards of scrap yarn, and some safety eyes. About $3.50! You can't go wrong there!

Master has given Dobby an ear!!

Helping me pin some hems in place!

Although my Dobby may not look as good as Britni's, I am so happy with how he came out! Here is the link to the Ravelry page and again, the link to the Etsy page to buy the pattern.

Thank you so much Britni for this amazing pattern!

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  1. were can i get this patern to crochet dobby thank you